With your Rieju MR 300 PRO you can go from riding the single trail tight stuff with your mates to putting on a race number and taking part in any Enduro or hard off-road test that you think you can handle. Based on the already complete MR250/300 Racing, Rieju has decided to assemble some exclusive components that make the MR 300 PRO the highest-spec Enduro in its category. The main differences are its Kayaba front fork with anti-friction treatment together with the lightened red anodised XTRIG ROCS triple clamps, EXCEL rims with reinforced red anodised hubs, Funnelweb air filter, and a cooling fan for the endless riding experiences. Homologated and Fully Road Registerable in Australia.


Dreams have never been so close at hand. Capable of offering the best performance and components on the market – with an unbeatable price-performance ratio – and an unparalleled riding experience, the new MR Racing shares many of the same features as its big brother, the MR Pro. Homologated and Fully Road Registerable in Australia. Rieju has taken everything needed to make a solid Enduro bike – robust 2-stroke powerplant, top-end suspension, and a well-mannered single back-bone chassis – and combined it into the new MR 250/300 RACING models. With top-shelf components from Kayaba (KYB), Keihin, Nissin, Neken, VForce 4, Magura and more, Rieju has built the MR 250/300 RACING Series to be serious performers, all whilst boasting a competitively priced package.

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